Frequently Asked Questions


How do I become a Xopobox member?You can become a Xopobox member by signing up. Signing up takes you a few seconds and afterwards you can explore Xopobox possibilities
What are the conditions for a 10GB free box?Nothing! just stay below 10GB and you can use your box for live
What kind of memberships are there?We have 1 membership. See the pricing page for more info about prices

How to a assign a beneficiary?Log into you Xopobox. Go to 'manage beneficiaries'. Register a loved one. Your beneficiary will receive a confirmation E-mail. When they log in they can confirm to being your beneficiary at 'manage beneficiaries'
How can a beneficiary unlock my box?Log into your xopobox; go to 'unlock box'. Click on 'request access'

What is the benefit of being a documentprovider?When you add a document to your customer's or employee's Xopobox you will help them organize their personal finances and save them time of logging into different websites. The service is free for you as documentprovider
Who is responsible for accurate allocation of document?Xopobox makes sure that all documents are allocated to the right box. It is the responsibility of the documentprovider to make sure they use the right allocation key for each document

Is Xopobox safe to use?Yes, we do our up most best to make sure your data is safe. We use Microsoft Azure cloud to store your data. We make sure your data is encrypted
How will advertisement / spam be prevented in my box?You can only receive documents from documentproviders which Xopobox has a contract with and if you give permission. Other documentmails will be blocked. It is in our usage policy that documentproviders can not send advertisement documents. If they do, they will be excluded from Xopobox. You can report spam in your document inbox
Do you keep my info privateYes, please refer to our privacy statement. We treat all personal information private

I have encured a technical issue, What do I do?If you incur any technical issues, please send an email to We will respond to your issue with 24 hours

Who is behind Xopobox?We are team of enthusiastic people! 1.We believe you should own and control your own documents and data. Don't let your service companies force you to use their customer portals! 2.We want to make sure that you and your loved ones have everything or now and later! 3.We want to provide a secure place for anything that is valuable to you! If you want to join our team, partner up or have a specific request. Please send us a message through the contactform. We will respond within 24 hours
How do I contact Xopobox?Please refer to our contact page. We will respond within 24 hours