Effortless planning for Legacy & End of Life!

A secure helping box to give yourself peace of mind and help your loved ones by saving them precious time and costs

  • Video messages for your loved ones
  • Funeral plan questionnaire
  • Online estate planning and will
  • Important documents and social media/ device passwords
  • Any other specific wishes and instructions
  • Add a beneficiary to unlock your box if needed
  • Communicate directly with your notary, lawyers office or insurance company
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How we make End of Life planning effortless


Funeral planning

Whether you want a celebration, who should be invited, the food, the pictures. Our questionnire make it easy to capture your wishes


Do you want to be online forever or can your accounts be closed. Capture all your passwords and wishes in our passwords template

Estate planning , instructions and will

All your legal- & notary documents in one place to make them easily accessible to your beneficiaries. This will save them time and effort to get the complete overview

Medical wishes

There might come a situation where your loved ones need to make a difficult decision. Capture your wishes and instructions in our medical wishes template

Personal video messages

What do you want to say to your loved ones, if something happens to you. You can write a text message or record a video for every birthday or wedding of your kids in the future

Important document Storage

Store, receive an share your important documents an photo's like life or funeral insurancepolicy and notary/ lawyer documents. Add a beneficiary to make sure your data is available when needed

One simple plan for everyone

We just have one simple plan. Join and you will get the first month for free.

XopoboX membership

USD 9.99

Per Year
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Your data is safe with us

XopoboX security

Data safety is essential, that's why we take it very seriously.

We store your data encrypted using 256-bit AES encryption, one of the strongest block ciphers available.
Personally identifiable information and other sensitive information has additional encryption. Even our employees don't have access.
Enabling multi factor authentication (2FA) provides additional security.

We value your


All data is yours only, untill you give access to your benficiaries. You can assign benficiaries without granting access. When a beneficiary requests access you'll have 48 hours to refuse.

We won’t sell your personal information to advertisers or third-parties.

Why use XopoboX?

Our goal is to help you and your loved ones with a positive approach to life and the end of it. Your loved ones have to spend many hours dealing with your legacy.
W_Does your partner or kid(s) know where they can find everything? When your single it is even harder to talk to anyone about this.

I would like to help my loved ones

When your think about your life ending, you most probably think about the ones you leave behind. What makes them the happiest? Probably to give you the celebration and rememberance you always wanted and suits you. It will make them feel good and help them grief

I'm sick or elderly

When you're sick or elderly you realize even more your life is not forever. You want to pass on your values and memories to your kids. Maybe you want to leave them a video message for birthdays to come, a graduation or wedding. Maybe you would also like to make sure your estate is divided. You can take pictures and ensure emotional items go to the person you want

I would like to have a peace of mind, just in case

If you are young and not sick you might not think a lot about the time your life ends. When someone close passes you realise how much you have to spend on organizing and (maybe) how little you know about someone's life and wishes. It's always good to be prepared, so your loved ones don't have to deal with what you've dealt with. You know the saying: When you're prepared nothing happens.....

I want to file important documents, family recipes and other important receipts, so I can't lose them

What is important is different for everyone, but 80% of you still have a binder or a shoebox at home with important external documentation like diploma's, family recipes, kids drawings, photo's of a renevation, blue prints of your house and so on. Xopobox offers a safe place to store them. They're available anywhere and always. When you have your important documents spread everwhere your family will be busy for days locating everything


I take care of all financial things at home. My partner would not know where to find everything in case something happens to me. Xopobox is handy tool that can help you with that.